Pet Radiology

Radiology for pets is similar to radiology for humans, involving x-rays and other types of diagnostic imaging. At Companion Animal Clinic in Yakima, we offer radiology services for pets. 

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What is Radiology?

Radiology allows your vet to diagnose or treat your pet by providing images or pictures. X-rays are the most common radiology test. Ultrasounds and CT scans are also diagnostic tools that can be helpful.

Why is Radiology Needed?

Your pet may need radiology for a variety of reasons, including illness and injuries.

Diagnosing Illness

One common reason pets need x-rays is to diagnose illnesses. X-rays allow your vet to see inside your pet, without surgery. If your pet is having difficulty breathing or coughing excessively, an x-ray of their lungs can be helpful. This can diagnose conditions like pneumonia and other lung issues. X-rays can also show enlarged or damaged organs, bladder stones, and kidney stones. If your pet has a fever or seems to be in pain, x-rays may help to reveal the issue.

Trauma and Injuries

Another reason your pet may need radiology is if they have trauma or an injury. Just like humans, pets are often x-rayed to see if they have a broken bone. Radiology can also check for internal bleeding and injuries, which can be life-threatening. If your pet has fallen from a height, been hit by a car, or recently started limping, your veterinarian may ask for an x-ray. If there's a foreign object lodged in your pet's body, x-rays are helpful for extraction.

Once they have the images they need, they can make a diagnosis and treatment plan. X-rays are often needed if your pet needs orthopedic surgery as well. This can allow your vet to see bones and joints that may need to be repaired or replaced.

Swallowing Objects

Another common reason vets order radiology tests is if you suspect your pet has swallowed a foreign object. Pets are curious and lack the logic of humans, which can get them into trouble. They explore things with their mouths, which can cause them to accidentally swallow something that is not food. These objects can pose a serious danger to your pet, so it's important for your vet to know if your pet has an object lodged in their body.

What to Expect When Getting an X-Ray at the Vet

X-rays are painless, and most pets don't need to be sedated. If your pet is in a lot of pain or isn't being still, they may need to be sedated. If your pet is calm, sedation isn't necessary.

Pet Radiology at Companion Animal Clinic

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