Our first and foremost mission is to provide compassionate care for your pets!

Some of our services include:
    New puppy/kitten health exams and vaccinations
    Annual wellness exams
    Treatment of parasites
    Wide variety of surgeries including neutering and spaying
    Diagnosing and treating your ill pet
    Diet & nutritional guidance for all ages
    Orthopedic Surgery
    Arthroscopic Surgery
    Geriatric Care for your aging pet


How are we able to better diagnose your pets?
           We are equipped with: 
                Professional and well trained staff
                In-house blood testing machines
                Diagnostic x-rays and ultrasounds
                Laparoscopic surgical capabilities for better diagnosis and quicker recovery
                Blood Glucose meter

                                      Blood Pressure meter
                                      Tonometer (to measure fluid pressure inside the eye)